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utility shut-off

gatekeeper1203 started this conversation


i am 56yr old male, my wife passed away last year of lung cancer and we had no life or health insurance. i have been trying to make ends meet but having a very hard time.

now in may i was laid off due to lack of work after being there several years.

now i have a electric shut-off and cant aford the 300 hundred to stop it......and our home is in foreclosure

i have tried all the energy programs but they have program date which are done at this time..our home is all electric.

thank you,so much


god bless


i desperatley need help

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sonshinesas   in reply to genie63
There may be no money, there are way to many that need help and to few that are in a position to donate. Sadly many places are out of funds.
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genie63   in reply to woman in a shoe
They are telling people there is no money for this now!! I know someone with 2 kids who had her power shut off and she just called today and was told "sorry no money."
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woman in a shoe   in reply to hhcemilee
Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with. They will give u places to call. Hope u the best
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hhcemilee   in reply to hhcemilee
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My power is shut off with three kids one who has autism and won't sleep without his night light please if anyone knows of help I feel helpless
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help in Nebraska
My electric is shut off. My husband has been very ill for 3 months now. so unable to work. We have 4 children and i need help fast. If we didnt have the kids i wouldnt be so concerned. They mean everything to me Please will someone help us. We have to pay almost $1000 to get it back on. i have only the basics in life no cable tv, no fancy cell phone. just what gets us by. PLEASE HELP
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my electric was shut off but the electric company told me that my bill is 22,000-23,000 dollars to get it cut back on WHAT TO DO?
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 in response to shyrosie...   Im in the same boat. I have 3 small children,Electric has been off for 4 days all the food is bad and melted! I dont know what to do.
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Has anyone helped yet?
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My Name is Rose 49 and live alone my electric was shut off last week and  I dont have the $2000.00 to turn it back on .looking for help.

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need help

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need utility help emergency

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